E. H.

Thank you for the soul communication session. The reading brought tears to my eyes. It is reflecting my true state- the fears and confusions I have right now, even the relationships with my mother and my brother, who I feel as the barriers in my life the way I want to be-I want to break free. I am so happy I decided to carry out this session from you because now I know that how much my soul craves to get the freedom and that I need to listen to it more, and I need to communicate with it more, and mostly I need to give it the love, the affection, the attention, the nurture and the importance it deserves which I never thought before. I am planning to communicate more with my soul and listen to it more for guidance because our soul has a direct connection with The Divine/the Source/the Universe. This reading has really helped me a lot in knowing about myself more and I know the words said by my soul while interacting with you is the true me…also adding ‘God Bless you’ at the end of the session. I always add these words after talking with a reader/healer.
Thank you Tracy, from the core of my heart for this because it has really helped me to know what I should be giving the most importance right now at this point of time in my life.
Thank you, and many Blessings to you!