Thank you so much for the soul communication session, it was so touching! It really resonated with me. I believe this session did put my feeling into words (things that I deep down knew, but wouldn’t think of them as what they are) and helped me a lot to actually hear it. Somethings you were correct to recommend to read more than once, because they are symbolic. Other things that were mentioned, were exactly my thoughts and feelings! Things that never came out my mouth, and were never talked about not even with the closest people in my life. It was on spot. One thing for sure, this session helped me to look within.


I want to give you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the Soul Communication that you conducted for me. You provided me with the transcripts of 2 Amazing sessions that I have gained a lot of clarity and understanding of ‘self’ from. The first one, I must admit was quite confronting and it took me a little bit to get my head around it so to speak. However, I came to realise that it actually surfaced a deep subconscious self limiting belief that I had. Once, I recognised it as the self sabotaging belief that it was, it gave me ‘ah ah’ moment and I have now released it for good!

The second one was just as effective, yet much more harmonious with my own Truth. I resonated wholeheartedly with it on every level and it has made me delve deeper into my own ‘knowing’ to be more ‘aware of ‘who I really Am’.

Thank you for sharing your Wisdom and Unique gift Tracy. I will be sure to highly recommend you to anyone whom is looking for deeper answers or self healing.



This lady is amazingly gifted in Channeling Source. I received my first distant energy healing from Tracy just a few days ago and the body sensations, spiritual happenings and the emotional breakthroughs that I had from the moment it took place and the following 2 days were profound to say the least. I had something (emotional pain) buried deep inside that I thought was something that I would never be able to release… However, throughout the duration of this Distant Energy Healing, it seemed to just bubble to the surface and I was faced with the Inner Truth of what it is! Suddenly it dissolved… This experience is very hard to describe … it is something that can only be experienced…. I highly recommend this experience to anyone whom feels that they are in emotional pain, feeling lost, depressed, anxious or in any way unbalanced with self.


I would like to thank you for doing soul communication for myself and for my son. The communication you did for me was truly eye opening and the unconscious information you brought forward has helped me to confront the issues holding me back. The communication for my son was extraordinary in that I new it was exactly him you were talking to. We have been able to have important conversations as I result of this.

I am truly grateful. Thank you Tracy.