Tesla Metamorphosis

Love All, Judge Nothing: A touch on negating karma

The challenge, and gift, of the Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner is to judge nothing…extending their loving heart to all…even the most unlovable (in self and others). Here is where a radical shift in consciousness can take place…raising our vibration and causing us to take on a higher frequency, or, state of awareness/consciousness. The lightness of being that can be felt when one chooses to do this is remarkably liberating. This may be a task we all need to do, to enable ourselves to move out of the quandary we have been in for so long.

(In steps a voice of doubt)….

How could I not judge all the bad stuff? How could I forgive, and ‘be’ forgiven for all the wrongs that have been committed?  We need to be punished! We don’t deserve the privilege of not being held accountable.

Here might be where we get stuck.  If only we could ‘see’ (have a birds eye view) of the cause of things…the natural course of events which lead up to things happening…things said…things done; “Ah, yes”…we might think…”Now I can understand why that happened! It wasn’t ‘because’ of me, it was because of …..” Knowing there is rhyme and reason to things, we wouldn’t need to take things personally; we wouldn’t need to accept the burden of being solely responsible (or making others solely responsible) for all the “bad” stuff. We are not sole perpetrators…we are participants…acting from a natural instinct and drive to do so. Are we going to blame ourselves, or others, for having been unconscious players?  When we don’t realise the karmic wheel we are stuck on – the cause and effect nature of the natural world – well, we continue the motions, the “eye for an eye” thing. When we finally see, and realise, this automatic pilot cycle we are stuck on, we can begin to imagine a way out of it; and so glad will be our heart. A great teacher taught us to ‘turn the other cheek’. Being no impractical suggestion, this was a practical ‘instruction’ on how to negate this perpetuating karmic cycle…how to neutralise it affects.

Back to the part about forgiving self; once we realise the cycle we are trapped in, we can slowly (or quickly) begin to develop mercy and compassion for ourselves. Recognizing our own mishaps of judgment and action in others will allow us to begin to have mercy and compassion for ourselves.  We will be able to give mercy; and, you know how it goes….what you ‘give’ you shall receive.

(Voice of doubt queries)….  Is there punishment in ‘knowing’ these things, but not ‘acting’ on them? (i.e. By continuing to act badly, do we compound our ability to forgive ourselves?)

Just know this is a very tough and stubborn ‘skin’ we are trying to shed…our old habits; and let us not put ourselves down for occasionally slipping up. Instead, know this is a hard task, and expect to occasionally fall backwards. But, let us persevere…let us ‘carry our crosses’, and, keep our heads pointed in the direction we want to go.


When tempted to become angry (for example), rather than slipping into the whole drama and fiasco of it (and ultimate guilt/karma) reason with yourself – ask: ‘why’ am I feeling angry?  Bring awareness to the situation – minus any need to judge it – remembering it is a natural response…an ‘effect’ of a cause…an equal and opposite reaction to a thing.  Light on the situation allows you navigate through it. You can decide…”O.k., where ‘do’ I want to go with this? Actually, I don’t ‘want’ to be angry; so, I will let it go”.

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Please note that my writing is based on my own research, creative contemplation’s, and, intuitive understanding. I write with a certain conviction which often bemuses me – I wonder ‘where’ these insights come from, and, is there any merit to them. I do not claim to know or present “fact” or “truth”.

Tesla Metamorphosis

Tesla’s Healing ‘frequencies’ of light?

During the Tesla Metamorphosis workshops I undertook in March this year, Tesla Waves were referred to as healing “frequencies” of light. Yet, Tesla Waves – also known scientifically as ‘Scalar Waves’ – are non-hertzian waves of light, meaning – they are ‘without’ frequency*. (‘Waves’ are the distance between two peaks of a light wave).

So, how can they be referred to as “frequencies”…I wondered.

*‘Frequency’ means: the number of cycles of a wave to pass some point in a second – known as cycles per second, or, Hertz. Longer light waves have a slower rate of vibration – and form the colours red, orange, and yellow. Shorter light waves have a faster rate of vibration – and form the colours blue, indigo, and violet. Green – associated with the heart chakra – is the ‘in-between’–the ‘mediator’–between the lower and upper “headquarters” of our chakra/endocrine system, so to speak.


In regard to my query of…How can Tesla Waves, which are ‘without frequency’, be called healing ‘frequencies’ of light? This is where I became perplexed. After contemplating this, I concluded…

Please note: The following is based on my own intuitive reasoning and speculation. I do not claim to know or present fact or truth.

So (I reasoned), Tesla Waves – being: ‘without’ frequency – will take on the frequency of the receiver!?

Tesla Waves are believed to be sourced directly from the ‘Active Ether’ (i.e. The Field/Zero Point Energy). They conform to the receivers’ heart, and, intentiontaking on the resonance of that intention.  If ones intention is to receive healing from a Higher Source/Intelligence – then, these light waves will ‘become’ a healing light source.

An analogy: Just think of ‘play doh’ in its raw state – it has potential to become anything the child playing with it ‘wants’ it to become.  This is sort of how Tesla Waves work/respond.  Our intentions and beliefs ‘shape’ them into the building blocks of our body, mind, and spirit. We become what we ‘think’…or, ‘create’…in play doh. (J)

They are the building matter sourced directly from the ether/the field.  They contain the full intelligence of the universe –the creator –and we choose how we’re going to play with them.

Active Ether–The Field–Zero Point Energy–Ground State Energy:

  • The source of living structures—physical, and mental.
  • The source from which Tesla Waves come
  • The pure “stuff” we are made up of

Tesla Waves are “without frequency” because – they take on the frequency with which they are received. If we allow ourselves to be ‘tuned into’ God/Source, we allow the information contained within this vibration/consciousness to work through us – clearing out that which does not serve us, and ‘resetting’ natural, harmonic order.

With our crown chakra open and aligned to Creative Source, the Tesla Waves – entering through the crown chakra (pituitary gland) – take on the frequency of the crown chakra – resulting in that vibrant ‘violet’ colour seen in PIP camera images. It is this pure, unaltered light/consciousness – unaltered by the controlling doubts and fears we choose to shed by accepting this form of healing – which creates the ‘healing frequencies’.

The purple colour in the PIP camera images of Tesla Metamorphosis® sessions is identical to the purple colour around the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil (left corner) which radiates Tesla Waves. Image and description courtesy of http://www.teslametamorphosis.com

Standing alone, Tesla Waves can be regarded as: ‘particles of pure potential’ – and, ‘become’ what we imprint upon them with our beliefs and desires.

Affirmation for connecting with Source/God/Infinite Creator:

“I allow the Will of the Creator to move through me”

The ecstasy that will occur when we realize that ‘we’ are the Creators; or, at least portions of it.

(Last thought)…

Staying open to a Higher Source/God/Love, minus crippling fear and doubt, will allow this Light/Consciousness to continue working through us – bringing us the healing we want and need.

The question now is – ‘How ‘do’ we get rid of crippling fear and doubt’? I’ll save that for another post.

What is the significance of the violet colour?

To understand the significance of the violet colour in relation to healing with Tesla Metamorphosis, here is a short extract from ‘Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings’ [Roger Lewis. ARE Press 2003]…

Signifies attunement to the Divine. Complete acceptance of the ways of the Creative force – ‘Not my will but Thine’. As the crown centre opens and becomes violet > golden > white – all seven spiritual centres return to their original purposes, recharged and regenerated.

O.K. sounds good.


*To read more about Tesla, visit:  www.teslametamorphosis.com