Soul Communication

Soul Communication is for clients who experience no healing results after ‘3’ Distant Healing sessions. It is a tool for gaining ‘insight’ into why healing may not be occurring.

Its purpose is to reveal to the client aspects of their unconscious; subconscious; and, integrative mind (Higher Self), which may be preventing them from healing. It is a recorded ‘silent’ dialogue between the client and practitioner, and, as with Distant Healing, is performed with client and practitioner in separate locations – with time and space being no barrier.

Soul Communication is not a ‘psychic reading’ where the practitioner offers the client future predictions. Rather, it aims to contact the clients own Source of Wisdom/Higher Self – that which is most closely tuned to Source (Infinite Creator/God/Love – whichever term you prefer).

How is a Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner able to ‘communicate’ with the unconscious/subconscious/Higher Self of the client?


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Tesla Soul Communication allows us to establish communication in a very simple procedure, without a need for using any symbols or rituals. It is communication beyond words – received through meaning, emotions, and images – which is then “translated” into words and written down. There is no attunement performed – all Tesla Metamorphosis students manage to create this communication. The purple colour in their auras – shown in PIP camera imaging – indicates that Tesla Waves elevated their consciousness to the level of the Crown Chakra, empowering them to transcend space and time, to create this communication with their clients.

How is it performed?

On 3 occasions the practitioner will sit with a pen and paper, and begin a ‘conversation’ with the client – writing down everything that comes through – however strange sounding, or obscure. The trick is to not judge anything. Connection is made via a photograph of the client, or, simply the clients’ ‘name’ written on a piece of paper.

The practitioner may receive messages in the form of physical sensations, i.e. they may ‘feel’ what the client is feeling; or, they may receive ‘mental pictures’ that relate to what the client is trying to communicate. During the course of the session the practitioner will go directly to Source (clients Integrative Mind/Higher Self) to ask if there are any ‘messages’ the client needs to hear, in relation to their healing.

Once the 3 sessions are complete, the dialogue is typed into a document and e-mailed to the client, who is encouraged to find time to read over it, and contemplate its contents. Healing’s have been known to occur simply by the client acknowledging issues they had long buried deep within themselves. The process can take up to 2 weeks.





Tracy makes no claims to be able to accurately contact a clients’ subconscious, unconscious, integrative mind, and higher self for the purpose of revealing insight into their condition or situation. Soul Communication is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to replace advice given by a professional health care provider.


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