Pet/Animal Distant Healing

Animals are known to respond very well to healing with Tesla Metamorphosis.  As with all Tesla healing, healing comes as an agreement between your pet’s consciousness and Divine Source.  It is a belief that pets can ‘mirror’ their owners’ traits and physical symptoms – so, behaviors and medical conditions of your pet could be reflections of your own state of health and well-being. As your own beliefs and attitudes could affect your pets’ delicate chemistry, for healing to work, it is vital that you follow the guidelines for receiving Tesla Metamorphosis healing, as if you were receiving it for yourself.

How it works

Your pet will be bathed in healing frequencies of light known as Tesla Waves.  Tesla Waves are associated with the crown chakra and appear the colour violet on the light spectrum scale.  Tesla Waves become ‘stronger with distance’ and are the perfect medium for Distant Healing.

I will connect with your pet via a photograph and  ‘tune in’ to their energy field using my body (this is known as clairsentience). I can ‘feel’ what is going on in their body by noticing what is happening in mine. Once connection is made I ‘play’ with this energy field – opening myself to the healing frequencies of light – which transfer to the recipient as I hold them in my awareness. I liken it to a ‘dance’ in which we both travel through a healing journey together.

All I need to do is hold the image of your pet in my field of awareness, along with the intention –in my heart and mind –to participate in the healing – which comes from Divine Source.  I do not control the outcome – I only facilitate, and assist in the healing.

How many sessions are needed?

3 sessions are recommended – not more than a week apart; although this may not be necessary, as only one session could have a healing effect.

What if no healing occurs?

While pets very easily receive the healing frequencies, no amount of human expectation, or control, can determine ‘how’, or ‘when’ healing should – or will – occur. You simply need let go and be willing to receive the healing Divine Source has planned for your pet, and you.

If no healing – or noticeable changes – take place after ‘3’ Distant Healing sessions, it may be that something is blocking your pets’ ability to receive healing (which ‘could’ be a reflection of your own ability, or desire, to receive healing for ‘yourself’); it may also mean that this is not the right time for healing to occur. Divine Source knows what you and your pet needs – and this is where a Soul Communication session may be able to help.


While experiencing healing with Tesla Metamorphosis, it is recommended to avoid other energy healing modalities (e.g. reiki) for at least a week – as these may cancel out the Tesla Wave frequencies.

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