Signs & Apparitions

Porridge Ceiling Apparition

Jesus waiting patiently
Jesus sitting patiently waiting, resting His chin in His palm and holding His cross.
Jesus praying with a small cross just above His head.

I have one of those ‘porridge like’ ceilings in my bedroom and on it I have discovered two areas where I can clearly make out the image of Jesus Christ. The top image of Jesus sitting patiently, holding a cross, to me symbolizes the loving patience God has with us, waiting for us to turn towards Him and to seek His tender mercy. Either that, or just a chance configuration of porridge ceiling.


Violet Streams of Light

A camera lens flare capturing a healing stream of violet light.
Lens flare
Lens flare oddity.
Sheer violet light
Hazy, violet lens flare.
Gold light lens flare
Golden sun, lens flare.

White streaming light

Face in light
It may be a stretch, but if you look closely you can almost make out a friendly ‘E.T. like’ face.

Having fun with a (less than adequate) mobile phone camera in the afternoon sun produced some interesting lens flare light effects.

On inspecting the image immediately above, a ‘face’ seemed to appear within it…a friendly looking ‘E.T.’ face, which seemed to ‘beam’ out at me at the time. It may be a stretch, but if you look closely you might also see it.