Tesla Metamorphosis Healing sessions

Healing sessions are available at the beautiful  Prana House located in Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Thornbury.Prana-House-Web-15

Healing sessions are also available via Distant Healing, with practitioner and client in separate locations. This option is suited for people unable to move from their homes, for whatever reason.

Who is Tesla Metamorphosis Healing for?

While the healing benefits of Tesla Metamorphosis are far and wide reaching, there are some instances where some level of caution may be required:

Highly sensitive individuals

Individuals already highly tuned to Source, who remain highly ungrounded, may find exposure to Tesla Waves “too much of a good thing”. Clients need to discern for them self the level of exposure suitable for them. Having said that, Source–and the higher self of the client–know what is needed; the client simply needs to tune-in to their inner guidance, and trust that they will receive the healing they need.

Pregnant women

Effects of exposure to these frequencies on an unborn child are unknown, and as a precaution Tracy does not work with pregnant women. Also, an unborn child is a free willed individual in the making, who – as yet – cannot provide consent to participate in this treatment.

How it works

Rather than “channelling” healing light through their hands to the client, Tesla Metamorphosis® practitioners act as a sort of ‘antenna’ attracting the Tesla Waves. The practitioner’s hands move freely about the client’s body, simply ‘noticing’ the way the energy feels. The practitioner will not judge anything he or she finds, but, will simply notice and ‘play’ with the energy with the loving intent to assist the healing process. ‘Playing’ may sound childish, but is a key ingredient for healing with Tesla Metamorphosis. Approaching a session with a childlike sense of wonder – abandoning all fear, doubt, and expectation – creates a potent field of potential where ‘anything’ is possible.

While the hand movements are a way for the practitioner to sense what is going on in the person’s energy field, the actual healing comes from the person’s intention and willingness to receive healing from a higher source. The practitioner facilitates healing by triggering the innate healing ability of the clients own body through the introduction of Tesla Waves. The combined intention of the practitioner and the client to receive healing from a higher source creates a strong field of resonance, or “antenna”, which attracts the Tesla Waves.

What to expect

Duration: 50 – 60 minutes (30 minutes on the table; 15 – 30 minutes for client intake and discussion).

Arrival: Clients will arrive at their scheduled appointment time to be met by Tracy down stairs near the entrance.

Clients will rest fully clothed, shoes off, on a padded table for 30 minutes – with pillows provided for comfort. No physical touch is involved; although, clients report various sensations during the session. Music or scents are not used as these may interfere with any subtle messages, and/or sensations clients may experience; for this reason, the wearing of scented cosmetics or perfume (during the session) is discouraged.

There is no defined procedure to the session which is directed through heart intelligence. The healing frequencies initiated during the session will continue to work with the client for as long as needed. Once the session has ended clients may wish to talk about their experience with Tracy.

How to prepare

It is suggested that you avoid experiencing any other form of energy/spiritual healing for at least one week after your Tesla Metamorphosis Healing session, as these may cancel out the newly introduced light frequencies.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing; jewelry is fine (as long as it is comfortable). Tesla frequencies cannot be distorted by metal, leather or rubber.

State of Mind

Meditating, saying prayers, or attaching to any specific outcome, is often based in fear and a desire to control a situation. The Tesla Waves of possibility respond to joyful expectancy, rather than controlling expectation – so, a state of openness is recommended to allow whatever is meant to come about. Be receptive, knowing you are participating in an experience brought to you by God/Love/Universe, and intended to give you exactly what you need.


Healing registers are common with this form of healing, and each client will have a unique experience. Some report scents, flavours, hearing sounds, feeling vibration, changes in temperature, seeing colours, visions, landscapes; while others are just very relaxed. Experiences on the table – as stated by Anya Petrovic – are not equal to the result in healing; i.e. a person having more sensations is not ‘more’ likely to receive healing than a person who has little or no sensations.

Advice for session

During the healing session, rather than reacting to things (thoughts, feelings, sensations, noises in the environment, etc.), simply notice them, whatever they may be, without placing a judgement on them. This allows you to ease into the experience and keeps you receptive to the healing Tesla Waves.

How many sessions are required?

By the end of the first session Tracy might suggest a rebooking; otherwise, rebooking’s can be made by the client who feels drawn to do so. Three sessions are usually suggested – no more than a week apart; although, one session alone may achieve desired results. It is up to each client to monitor their own progress to decide whether more sessions are needed.

Once these light frequencies begin working through you, changes may be subtle, or significant, and may not be noticed on the conscious level immediately. It is important that you tune-in to yourself – for your higher self knows what you need and listening to it will guide you where you need to be.

How do I tune into myself?

When emotions settle, and you begin to see a little more clearly, listen – or feel – for that ‘still small voice’ deep inside wanting to guide you. Prayer, meditation, walks in nature – anything that takes you away from your life, will help. If the only time you get to yourself is while taking the bin out, use that time. If you cannot find time, try to make time; for your own health and well-being is so important – especially if others depend upon you.

The important thing to remember in healing with Tesla Metamorphosis is to give up your need to control the outcome. Simply, having the intention in your heart – whether consciously, or unconsciously – that you are willing to receive healing from a higher source, is enough to make way for healing changes to occur in your life.

Booking fee

$60* (AUD)

*Special introductory rate for start of practice. Available until further notice.

Payment options

  1. Cash (payable on the day)
  2. PayPal*

* A payment link and details will be emailed to you. Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.



Please provide 24 hours’ notice on cancellations.


A 20% re-booking fee will apply on cancellations where less than 24 hours’ notice has been provided.

If no healing occurs

If no noticeable changes/healing take place after at least three sessions, a Soul Communication session may be requested.

Anya Petrovic (founder) demonstrating a healing session

For further information about Tesla Metamorphosis, please visit www.teslametamorphosis.com