Distant Healing

How does it work?

The moment you think of something it brings the energetic form of that thing into your ‘field of awareness’. A Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner will hold the ‘thing’ (be it a person, plant, or animal) in their field of awareness, along with their intention to ‘participate’ in the healing – which comes from Divine Source—causing the recipient (through a ‘harmonic resonance’) to receive the “healing vibrations” of the Tesla Waves – which are attracted to this field by the practitioners’ and recipients’ willingness to receive them.

To understand how Distant Healing works we need to give up our perception of time and space as we know it, and know that – in spirit – time and space are not relevant. Thought alone is the ‘vehicle’ which gets you wherever you desire to go – in an instant. Think of daydreams of lying on a Mediterranean beach – you are there the instant you think of it. That is what it is like in Spirit.

Healing frequencies of light.

For Distant Healing to work you simply remain open to the idea of receiving healing from a Higher Source – minus any judgments, or expectations. Prayers, meditations, and affirmations are discouraged as these are often based in fear and/or a desire to control the situation or outcome. The Tesla Waves of possibility respond to joyful ‘expectancy’, rather than controlling ‘expectation’. Approaching the session with an open heart and mind – with curiosity like a child – is a potent ingredient for experiencing something special.

Distant Healing session

What to expect

I connect with you via a photograph. I use my body to tune in to your energy field. Once connection is made I ‘play’ within this field – opening myself to the healing frequencies of light – which transfer to you as I hold you in my awareness. I liken it to a ‘dance’ in which we both travel through a healing journey together.

The distant healing session will last approx 30 minutes. You may, or may not, experience ‘registers’. All you need to do is find a quiet place to relax, preferably laying down, and simply remain open to receiving healing light from the Universe/God/Love – whichever term you prefer.


Anything you happen to notice – take note of this. Any feelings, sensations, thoughts, or messages you receive – in whatever form – take note of them. Healing ‘registers’ are common with this form of healing, and are a sign healing is taking place. Especially so during ‘scheduled’ distant healing sessions, when the client lays down to receive healing at a specified time, you might experience twitches, jerks, spasms, rapid eye movement, crying or laughing, or you might simply feel deeply relaxed. Some people might experience visions or smells, while others might hear sounds. The trick is not to judge them – simply ‘notice’ them. Don’t be disheartened if you get no registers – this also is common, and does not mean healing is not occurring.

Once I complete the distant healing session, I will e-mail or text you.

Unscheduled Distant Healing session

I commence the session when the time feels right, within 3 days of receiving client booking fee and photo.

Scheduled Distant Healing session

Scheduled sessions can be arranged. Please contact Tracy for more information.

Advice for unscheduled sessions:

During the 3 day period I encourage you to simply be calmly receptive and open to the healing frequencies. You can go about your usual daily routines fearing no interruptions. Any healing you do experience will happen when the time is right – all you need do is trust in the higher forces at work. If you can, find a moment to spare where you can relax and be present for yourself – but don’t worry if you cannot do this, for the right time and opportunity will present itself if you ‘let go’ and trust in the process. Divine Source knows what you need.

If you find you cannot still your mind enough to be able to tune-in to your deeper core self and feel you have lost an opportunity, do not judge yourself – or anyone else – for this; simply let things be, and trust that the right thing will come at the right time.

It is important to note that while you may ‘think’ no healing is occurring, subtle changes may be taking place without your conscious awareness of it. Be gentle with yourself; and remember: an important ingredient of healing with Tesla Metamorphosis is giving up your need to control, and surrendering yourself to the process in a loving and trusting way, knowing that a Higher Source is in control.


While experiencing healing with Tesla Metamorphosis it is recommended to avoid other spiritual/energy healing modalities for at least a week – as these could expose you to frequencies of light which may cancel out the Tesla Wave frequencies.

How many sessions are needed?

3 sessions are recommended – no more than a week apart; although more sessions (or less) may be required. How ‘fast’ a person experiences healing may depend on their ability or willingness to ‘accept’ healing for themselves.

A client may choose to have regular sessions if they feel drawn to.

If no healing occurs

Changes may take place in a time or way you may not have imagined. Remember, Divine Source is at work here and no amount of control can determine how or when healing should, or will occur. You simply need to let go and hold the intention that you are willing to receive healing.

If no healing or noticeable changes take place after at least 3 distant healing sessions it may be that you are unconsciously ‘blocking’ your healing. This may occur through an unwillingness to let go of a deeply held belief which prevents you from moving forward in your life. It may also be that this is not the right time for healing to occur for you. Either way, the source of your being knows what you need, and this is where a Soul Communication session may be able to help.

Who, or what, does the healing?

Healing comes from an agreement between the higher self of the client, and a higher source. The practitioner is a facilitator who assists the healing process.



Please note:

The above represents my own understanding of distant healing.

For more information about Tesla Metamorphosis, please visit: www.teslametamorphosis.com