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Expanding Heart DNA

I have felt this quite strongly within my own body. Fear, anger, sadness etc. have an effect of ‘twisting in’ upon oneself (what I imagine ‘torsion fields’ do); as if you are closing and retracting in upon yourself. Your body, mind and emotions stiffen and become really dense. Imagine all the oxygen and nutrients this effect denies for your body. On the other hand, love, joy and peace have the opposite effect, creating a sense of ‘expansion’ – as if your heart is spreading out in all directions. The body then becomes ‘light’ – less dense. Is this ‘expansion’ of the heart the thing which creates angels wings?



Do you want to be a prisoner or a conqueror?

This article titled ‘Overcoming Moods’┬áby Paramahansa Yogananda can be found here. There is no doubt the writings of this man have helped and inspired me greatly. I hope they inspire and help someone out there as well….

You Can Conquer Your Moods

Moods are not easily defined; but you know what they are. When you are in a mood, your behavior is not natural; you are not the person you should be. The end result is that you feel wretched. And how foolish it is to be unhappy through your own doing! Nobody likes misery. Why not analyze yourself next time you are in a mood? You will see how you are willingly, willfully making yourself miserable. …

Moods are often a result of environmental influences. Each one of us is affected in different ways by the world about us. But you should not allow yourself to indulge in moods over external conditions. Why should you take on the effects of your environment? …

Remove the Cause of a Mood

Each type of mood has a specific cause, and it lies within your own mind. To remove a mood you must remove its cause. One should introspect each day in order to understand the nature of his mood, and how to correct it, if it is a harmful one. …

Perhaps your mood is discouragement over sickness; a feeling that you will never regain health. You must try to apply the laws of right living that lead to a healthy, active, and moral life, and pray for greater faith in the healing power of God. …

Creative Thinking is the Best Antidote

Creative thinking is the best antidote for moods. Moods get their grip on your consciousness when you are in a negative or passive state of mind. The time when your mind is vacant is just the time it can become moody; and when you are moody, the devil comes and wields his influence on you. Therefore, develop creative thinking. Whenever you are not active physically, do something creative in your mind. Keep it so busy that you have no time to indulge in moodiness. …

Do you want to be a prisoner or a conqueror? By binding yourself so tightly in moods, you render yourself incapable of going on with the battle of life. As soon as you allow a mood to enwrap your mind, your will becomes paralyzed. Moods befog the brain, and hence impair judgment, so that your efforts are wasted. …

You can conquer your moods, no matter how terrible they seem. Make up your mind that you are not going to be moody anymore; and if a mood comes in spite of your resolve, analyze the cause that brought it on, and do something constructive about it. Don’t go on doing things in a state of indifference, if that is your attitude, for indifference is the worst of all moods. At such times, remind yourself that you are not your own creator; God created you, and He is running this universe for you. Whatever your work, do it enthusiastically, for Him. Busy yourself in creative activities, for He has given you infinite power. How dare you make yourself a mental failure by indulgence in the intoxicant of moodiness! Free yourself from these devastating mental states. They are the real brakes on the wheels of your progress. Until you release them, you cannot move on. Every morning, remind yourself that you are God’s child, and that no matter what the difficulties, you have the power to overcome them. Heir to the cosmic power of Spirit, you are more dangerous than danger! ….

(The rest of this article can be found here.)

Paramahansa Yogananda