About Tesla Metamorphosis

(The following is an explanation of Tesla Metamorphosis by its founder Anya Petrovic)

Tesla Metamorphosis® attracts great interest among  scientists for the fast and often amazing healings, and because of some completely new phenomena around this work.

Clients report healings from afflictions which are considered incurable in orthodox medicine, such as aids, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, spine injuries, even healings from some birth deformities. Even more important than the healings is the aspect of evolution that can be reached using Tesla Waves!

Tesla Waves, unlike Hertzian, get stronger with distance. They are named Tesla Waves because Nikola Tesla worked with them on his Free Energy Project. In Tesla Metamorphosis® you will access these transformational waves directly from the Field, no machines are involved.

Completely New Phenomena

On the Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) images Tesla Waves are presented in purple colour. According to scientists, PIP images unequivocally prove that the energy frequency used in Tesla Metamorphosis® is equal to the frequencies of Tesla Waves and that no other healing modality has those purple colours that are specific to Tesla Waves.

In auras of all Tesla Metamorphosis® students there was the same purple colour on PIP camera images. This purple colour is not a common colour for the human aura. Some students took PIP camera photos one year later, and the purple colours were still in their auras, even more intense.


What is the meaning of the purple colour?

Anya attended classes of Vivekananda teachings because Tesla stated that Vedanta philosophy was the only theory which could entertain modern science. This is where she received the insights into the meaning of those purple colours that appear on PIP camera images of Tesla Metamorphosis®. She learned that yogis were practising a special meditation with the purpose of elevating their consciousness level. Meditation starts from the Root Chakra, which is red, up through the seven main chakras in the human body, finishing with the Crown Chakra which is purple. Not all yogis would manage to reach the level of the Crown Chakra.

With all other healing modalities (Theta Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing and others) green is the predominant colour on PIP camera images. This is the colour of the Heart Chakra. Anya believes that it is because Love is of a great importance for the healing process. That is why in Tesla Metamorphosis® I seminar she teaches students how to radiate Love.

Another new phenomenon is the appearance of some white spherical lights on PIP camera images which were made during Tesla Metamorphosis® sessions. As the photos were made in sequence, it was visible that those lights were moving around. In one of the photos the shadow of the practitioner’s hand is visible, as if a reflector is behind her hand (on the right).

In Tesla Metamorphosis®, apart from the green colour, there is the purple colour, which is the colour of the Crown Chakra. The phenomenon of the purple colour in auras of all students who attended Tesla Metamorphosis® seminars might indicate that the frequencies of Tesla Waves can enhance the frequency level of our consciousness to the frequency of our Crown Chakra. Anya believes that this explains the fact that all students are able to, in the Tesla Metamorphosis® II seminar, achieve communication with their clients on the level of conscious, subconscious and integrative mind, without any initiation process or symbols and ritual performed on them.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis has the intent to bring the frequency of light in human body into the perfect balance. Any illness, being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally, is a result of an imbalance of the universal life-force within the body which is visible as a frequency of light. Once the balance of the light is re-established, the healing takes place. Healings are very often fast and amazingly transformational. Clients experience disappearance of tumours, cancers, HIV problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, back pain, to the limits where spine and other physical injuries and even birth deformities are reconstructed.

Tesla Soul Communication

Tesla Soul Communication opens the communication with clients through meaning, emotions and images. This communication is beyond words. In this process the healer and the client journey together from chatting on the level of the conscious mind, to reaching the subconscious and even transcending further to the level of the integrative mind. It can also be performed on clients that are not physically present. The healer goes to the Source to bring the message which could be life changing.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is about your personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth, through consciousness evolution, the reconstruction of the original human 13 DNA strands and the attunement of human DNA with the DNA of the planet Earth and the Universe. This process, which is done once in a lifetime, will awaken the Light Being within. The process enhances potential arts and talents and prepares the human for the big shift in the evolution of consciousness.

When we elevate our consciousness level there is more available for us out there. The time has come when we need to enable ourselves to become multidimensional Light Beings.

(For enquiries about Light Body Metamorphosis, please visit http://www.teslametamorphosis.com)

About Anya Petrovic

Anya Petrovic is a healer, teacher, and author. Since Tesla “happened” to her, she travels the world to make this precious work available to as many people as possible. As an internationally recognized healer, she has more than two decades of experience in healing work. She travels the world and teaches this fascinating new healing modality which could bring the transformation of humanity into multidimensional light beings.


Anya’s Aura
When we work with Tesla Metamorphosis our auras expand