A keen sense of wonder and a belief in the impossible are qualities Tracy has brought with her from childhood. Times spent pondering life’s mystery – along with a keen imagination – led Tracy to believe objects could be moved by the power of one’s mind. A vivid imagination was accompanied by a great sensitivity which led Tracy to express herself through art, and in 1998 she graduated with a Degree in Fine Art Painting. While art played a significant therapeutic role in formative years, a strong interest in the healing art of massage – along with a desire to help others – led Tracy to complete a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2006.

During her 10 years working as a massage therapist, Tracy’s awareness of the body’s subtle energy fields increased, reinforcing an interest in metaphysical healing. An experience on a tram one day confirmed the possibility of this type of healing. Sitting opposite a man, who – appearing homeless – was writhing and squirming in his seat, unable to sit still. Tempted to move, Tracy empathised with this man who was clearly in the grip of a nerve condition. Drawing inspiration from a Colour Therapy book she was reading, Tracy closed her eyes, and imagined an indigo light beaming towards his forehead. Within moments the persistent writhing and squirming ceased, and the man, whose eyes had been closed the whole time, suddenly opened them, and placed his hand out towards Tracy. With a glow of compassion, Tracy placed her hand in his and together they shook hands in a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

Whether it was an effect of the visualisation, or simply that the man had somehow picked up on Tracy’s intention to help, a greater invisible force was at work here, clearly illustrating a power beyond the physical senses.

An article in Living Now caught Tracy’s attention one night, and by January 2017 she was enrolled to learn an exciting new healing modality known as Tesla Metamorphosis.

Expressing her heart through her hands is something Tracy feels very drawn to do. She is here to join you, as a healing facilitator, on your healing journey.




Wisdom Tree refers to the human body in perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Wisdom Tree Healing refers to the journey we are taking back towards that perfect state of being.