About Tracy

I am a Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner offering Distant Healing and Soul Communication sessions. I became more aware of our subtle energy fields while working as a massage therapist for over ten years. During this time my intuition developed and I became increasingly drawn to the field of metaphysical healing.


Most consolidating for me was an experience I had on a tram which confirmed to me the possibility of this type of healing. I had been sitting opposite a man who – appearing homeless – was writhing and squirming in his seat, unable to sit still. Part of me wanted to move to another seat; yet, I empathised with this man who was clearly in the grasp of some kind of nerve condition. Instead, I closed my eyes and – drawing inspiration from a Colour Therapy book I was reading – sat calmly as I imagined beaming an indigo light towards his forehead. Within moments the persistent writhing and squirming ceased, and the man, whose eyes had been closed the whole time, suddenly opened them and sat forward. He placed his hand out towards me to shake hands. With a glow of compassion, I placed my hand in his and we shook hands in a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

In March 2017, I enrolled in the Tesla Metamorphosis I & II workshops with Anya Petrovic. Undertaking the workshops was a wonderful experience for me – giving me the sense of having found my place…my ‘calling’.

Extending my heart to assist others on their own healing journeys, is something I feel very drawn to do – and working as a Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner/Healing Facilitator allows me to do just that.

My own personal challenges over the years, have drawn out much strength and wisdom from deep within, resulting in a much closer relationship with Creative Source/God. I know that through helping and giving to others, I too, will receive – and, it is through giving from the heart that Love shall expand…everywhere.

For enquiries about Tesla Metamorphosis Distant Healing, or, Soul Communications sessions, please contact me via the contact form.

~ Tracy 

Wisdom Tree refers to the human body in perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Wisdom Tree Healing refers to the journey we are taking back towards that perfect state of being.