Situation Healing

Healing with Tesla Metamorphosis goes beyond healing for only people; plants; or animals – the Tesla Waves of possibility can be directed towards ‘situations’ as well – bringing their healing/consciousness raising benefits in more ways than one.

If you can imagine that, like all living things, ‘thoughts’ too, have their own energetic ‘print’…or ‘pattern’ (i.e. a particular arrangement of light, unique to that particular thought) – then, you can begin to see how ‘situations’ can also receive healing.

A situation becomes a “thing” held in your mind by your thoughts; feelings; and emotions, about the situation. Held long enough, this “thing”…or, ‘energy’ surrounding the situation begins to take on a “form” (a “thought-form”) which sits within your field of awareness, growing stronger the more you think about the situation. You feed the thought-form, until you finally resolve the situation connected to it.

Some situations might be unsolvable; however, what we can do is – resolve the way we ‘think’ about the situation. Doing this can radically alter our connection to the situation, which – in turn – could alter the situation itself.

How it works

When you allow Higher Power/Divine Source to enter a situation, the Tesla Waves go about (through an agreement with the Higher Self of the client) restructuring, and, realigning this disharmonious pattern of light – bringing it into alignment with Itself (the Intelligent/Divine Source). This heal, or ‘untangles’ the thought-form pattern of the situation – allowing light and harmony in – where new awareness can grow. Only a brief moment of light – or loving awareness – on a situation can be enough to resolve it – or, at least change ones perception of it.

*Learn about Tesla Waves (also known as Scalar Waves).

Situation Healing sessions­

During a Situation Healing session, I connect with the client through a photo and a short, descriptive statement (provided by the client) illustrating the situation along with the emotion felt about it. Example: “The stressful situation regarding my neighbour’s fence”; or, “My boyfriend’s late night gaming – which makes me angry”; or, “The situation regarding the misunderstanding with my work colleague, Andrew – which I feel really guilty about”.

I ‘tune in’ to the clients energy, and situation, until I feel it in my body (known as ‘clairsentience’). This allows me to bring up the thought-form attached to the situation; which I then – without judging it – begin to ‘play’ with it – with the intention of bringing healing to the situation. This sense of ‘play’ and non-judgment, is vital to attracting the healing Tesla Waves. As for the client, their willingness to receive healing from a Higher Source…placing aside their own need to judge or control the situation…is, like with all Tesla Metamorphosis healing, a key ingredient for experiencing healing transformation.

How many sessions are needed?

To know how many sessions are needed, we need to first ask: What is it that really ‘needs’ healing?  Or, ‘What’ will be healed? Just by being willing to receive healing from a ‘Higher Source’ – with an open heart and mind – could bring about healing you never imagined. While you may request ‘Situation Healing’, you might find you get healing of a seemingly ‘unrelated’ matter; which – in turn – could heal the situation as well. With Tesla Metamorphosis, we cannot control ‘how’ or ‘what’ will be healed; all we need to do is trust in the process – knowing that the Loving Source knows what we need.

With Tesla Metamorphosis, healing could be instantaneous; it could come in a way, or time, that is unexpected; or, it may not come at all. If no noticeable changes take place after 3 sessions, the client might be experiencing a ‘block’; they might be holding onto an unconscious belief which is preventing them from healing; in which case, a Soul Communication session may determine why.

Guidelines for Situation Healing

Guidelines for Situation Healing are the same as for Tesla Metamorphosis Healing in general.  The client and practitioner do not control the outcome – they only experience/witness it. Any healing which takes place will come as an agreement between Divine Source, and – the Higher Self of the client.

What to expect

If you change your thoughts about the situation, you change the energy between you and the situation. It is your energies we are healing/working with. Once you change/heal your thoughts, you change the energetic action/reaction cycle between you and the situation, and any people involved. This shift in your perception changes the level of consciousness at which you look at–or feel–about the situation, altering the connection you have with it.  Your raised awareness about the situation can change the situation itself – as the energy dynamic between you and it has changed.

N.B. The thoughts we entertain become the ‘building blocks’–so to speak–of our experiences. A simple analogy may clarify this: The flowers you want to see growing in your garden…are the flower seeds you need to be planting.

After the session

If you wish to continue raising your level of consciousness/frequency to achieve greater healing on all levels, then, you might consider a Tesla Metamorphosis Healing session. When you raise your own level of awareness – to the level of crown chakra – your perception of life’s problems can radically alter; you may experience a newfound peace only available to those who embrace all of life with an open heart and mind – cherishing the gift of life with the trust and enthusiasm of child – a child of God’s Universe.

You get what you give….

Words kindly spoken, come back to you as gentle, warm echoes of love.

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Image: Painting by Odilon Redon