Tesla Metamorphosis

Healing From the Creative Source

Healing with Tesla Metamorphosis can be summed up this way:

All you have to do is have the intention – whether consciously, or unconsciously –  that you want a healing; then remain open to receiving one.

Tesla Metamorphosis® is a form of Spiritual Healing, for restoring balance and harmony to body, mind, and spirit.  It does this by introducing frequencies of light known as ‘Tesla Waves’ into the energetic field of the client. These frequencies – associated with the crown chakra – have the ability to ‘raise our vibration’ so that we become more ‘in tune’ with Divine Source/God/Universe/Love – whichever term you prefer.

Unlike other healing modalities where practitioners ‘channel’ healing light through their hands, Tesla Metamorphosis® practitioners – along with the client – act as a sort of ‘antenna’ which attracts the Tesla Waves.

Nicola Tesla
Nicola Tesla

Tesla Metamorphosis® was founded by Anya Petrovic and is based on discoveries made by the early 20th Century scientific innovator: Nicola Tesla.

Tesla discovered light waves known as ‘Tesla Waves’, which, unlike other light waves, are ‘non-hertzian’ (‘without frequency’). This discovery laid the foundation for our modern technological world – yet, what many people didn’t realize (except for Tesla himself) was that this light could greatly enhance the health and lives of people, as well as all living things.

On the light spectrum scale, Tesla Waves appear violet, and appear to be a unique feature in Tesla Metamorphosis® healing. The following PIP camera image clearly depicts this healing light during a Healing session:

The purple colour in the PIP camera images of Tesla Metamorphosis® sessions is identical to the purple colour around the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil (left corner) which radiates Tesla Waves. Image and description courtesy of www.teslametamorphosis.com

Why are Tesla Waves so ‘healing’?

The following is an extract from ‘Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings’ by Roger Lewis (ARE Press 2003), which nicely illustrates the nature of this type of healing….

(The violet ray)…”Signifies attunement to the Divine. Complete acceptance of the ways of the Creative force – ‘Not my will but Thine’. As the crown centre opens and becomes violet > golden > white – all seven spiritual centres return to their original purposes, recharged and regenerated”….


How does the Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner and client ‘attract’ Tesla Waves?

Intention is key!

Having our mind set on constructive/creative/life affirming ‘possibilities’rather than judgmental/destructive/life ‘diminishing’ thoughts, and expectations – creates a healthy ‘antenna’ which attracts the Tesla Waves. We become ‘tuned in’ – like a radio receiver – to these frequencies, that reach our pituitary gland (crown point) in pure form – unaltered by the distortions of fear, doubt, judgment etc. This light/information can then be distributed down through our glands to nourish us in the most beneficial way – because we let it.

Two minds coming together, with the intention to receive/experience healing from a Higher Source – minus any need to control the situation or hold judgments – forms a powerful ‘resonance’ which attracts the healing light frequencies (Tesla Waves).

A Tesla Metamorphosis® practitioner is already aptly ‘tuned’ to these frequencies – with  significant amounts of ‘violet’ appearing in the auras of T.M. students. PIP camera imaging is able to capture this – as shown in this example:

image source

How does one become attuned to these higher frequencies?

Being exposed to them – with your heart and mind willing and open to receive them. Abandoning all forms of judgment (of self, and others) and, learning to love ‘even the unlovable’ – are all qualities taught in the Tesla Metamorphosis® workshops, and can create a ‘radical shift in consciousness’.  These, too, can be learned in life – when we learn to put aside our own ego based will, and, willingly open up to the Will of the Creative Source/God.

How will healing happen?

The healing you receive may not be the healing you expect. (Based on an Eric Pearl Quote)

Healing comes from an agreement between the Higher Soul Self of the client – and, the Creative Source of their being (God/Love/Universe–whichever term you prefer). The practitioner is a ‘participant’ to witness and facilitate the healing – but, does not control the outcome.

Your Higher Soul Self knows what you need – all you need to do is ‘move out of your own way’…so to speak. Having said that, healing with Tesla Metamorphosis® ‘happens’ when we allow ourselves to take on the energetic imprint of the Divine Creative Source – which can restore us in body, mind, and spirit – to an optimal state of health.

We do this by ‘allowing’ these healing frequencies of light (consciousness) to move through us – working their way through the major glands of our endocrine system –  ‘cleaning up’ all our old stressors and ‘road blocks’, which were interrupting the flow of the life force.

The light frequencies of the healing Source shifts our perception/awareness – bringing us closer to the level of Consciousness of the Creative Source/God. We begin to ‘think’ more like the Creative Source – we begin to be more free of the ”heaviness’ of our past fear-based thinking.

To experience healing with Tesla Metamorphosis®, you simply remain open and receptive, ‘like a child’, to the joy and wonder of experiencing healing from a Higher Source that loves you, and wants you to be well.

Distant Healing

How does it work?

Please note: The following represents my understanding of Distant Healing. For further info, please see: www.teslametamorphosis.com

The moment you think of something it brings the energetic form of that thing into your ‘field of awareness’. A Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner will hold the ‘thing’ (be it a person, plant, or animal) in their field of awareness, along with their intention to ‘participate’ in the healing – which comes from Divine Source—causing the recipient (through a ‘harmonic resonance’) to receive the “healing vibrations” of the Tesla Waves – which are attracted to this field by the practitioners’ and recipients’ willingness to receive them.

To understand how Distant Healing works, we need to give up our perception of time and space as we know it, and know that – in spirit – time and space are not relevant. Thought alone is the ‘vehicle’ which gets you wherever you desire to go – in an instant. Think of daydreams of lying on a Mediterranean beach – you are there the instant you think of it. That is what it is like in Spirit.

Preparing for Distant Healing

For Distant Healing to work you simply remain open to the idea of receiving healing from a Higher Source – minus any judgments, or expectations. Prayers, meditations, and affirmations, are discouraged – as these are often based in fear and/or a desire to control the situation or outcome. The Tesla Waves of ‘possibility’ respond to joyful ‘expectancy’, rather than, controlling ‘expectation’. Approaching the session with an open heart and mind – with curiosity like a child – is a potent ingredient for experiencing something special.

If no healing occurs

If no healing or noticeable changes take place after 3 sessions it may be that you are unconsciously blocking your healing or not willing to give up some held belief; it may also mean that this is not the right time for healing to occur. The Source of your Being knows what you need and this is where a Soul Communication session may be of help.

Distant Healing session (unscheduled)

*As I begin my practice, I will be offering Distant Healing sessions for an Introductory fee of $60 (AU).

What to expect

I connect with the client through a photograph. I use my body to ‘tune into’ the person’s energy/consciousness. Once connection is made I ‘play’ within this conscious energy field – opening myself to the healing frequencies of light – which transfer to the client as I hold them in my awareness. I liken it to a ‘dance’ in which we both travel through a healing journey together – open to the joy and wonder of the Universe.

Once I complete the Distant Healing session, I e-mail the client – along with any ‘messages’ I may have received.

I commence the session when the time ‘feels’ right – but, within 3 days of receiving client booking fee and photo.


During the 3 day period, I encourage you to simply be ‘calmly receptive’ and ‘open to receiving’ the healing frequencies. You can go about your usual daily routines fearing no interruptions. Any healing you do experience, will happen ‘when the time is right’; all you need do is ‘trust’ in the Higher Forces at work. If you can, find a moment to spare where you can relax and ‘be present’ for yourself – but don’t worry if you cannot do this, for the right time and opportunity will present itself if you ‘let go’ and trust in the process. Divine Source knows what you need.


While experiencing healing with Tesla Metamorphosis®, it is recommended to avoid using other healing modalities for at least a week – as these could expose you to frequencies of light which may cancel out the Tesla Wave frequencies.


Anything you happen to notice – take note of this. Any feelings; sensations; thoughts; or, ‘messages’ you receive – in whatever form – take note of them. Healing ‘registers’ are common with this form of healing, and are a sign healing is taking place. Especially so, during ‘scheduled’ Distant Healing sessions – when the client lays down to receive the healing at a ‘specified time’- you might experience twitches or jerks; spasms; rapid eye movement; crying or laughing; or, you might simply feel deeply ‘relaxed’. Some people might experience ‘visions’ or ‘smells’, or, might hear sounds; etc. Don’t be disheartened if you get no registers – this, too, is common, and does not mean healing is not occuring.

How many sessions are needed?

3 sessions are recommended – not more than a week apart; although this may not be necessary, as only one session could have a lasting healing effect. A client may choose to have regular sessions if they feel drawn to.

Who, or what, does the healing?

Healing is an agreement between Divine Source, and the Higher Self of the client. The practitioner is a facilitator who witnesses and assists the healing process.

What if no healing occurs?

Be patient. Changes may take place in a time, or way, you may not have imagined. Remember, Divine Source is at work here, and no amount of human control can determine ‘how’ or ‘when’ healing should – or will – occur. You need to simply ‘let go’ and be ‘willing’ to receive.

If no healing – or noticeable changes – take place after 3 Distant Healing sessions it may be that you are unconsciously blocking your healing or not willing to give up some held belief; it may also mean that this is not the right time for healing to occur for you. The Source of your being knows what you need, and this is where a Soul Communication session may be able to help.

Soul Communication

Soul Communication is a tool for assisting in the healing process. Its purpose is to reveal – to the client – aspects of their unconscious; subconscious; and, integrative mind (Higher Self), which may be preventing them from healing. It is a recorded ‘silent’ dialogue between the client and practitioner, and, as with Distant Healing, is performed with client and practitioner in separate locations – with time and space being no barrier.

Soul Communication is not a ‘psychic reading’ where the practitioner offers the client future ‘predictions’. Rather, it aims to contact the clients own Source of Wisdom/Higher Self – that which is most closely tuned to Source (Infinite Creator/God/Love – whichever term you prefer).

Soul Communication sessions are intended for clients who have achieved no noticeable results after 3 Tesla Metamorphosis® ‘Healing’ sessions – and may wish to understand why.

How is a Tesla Metamorphosis practitioner able to ‘communicate’ with the unconscious/subconscious/Higher Self of the client?

The following description is derived from Anya Petrovics website: www.teslametamorphosis.com

Tesla Soul Communication allows us to establish communication in a very simple procedure, without a need for using any symbols or rituals. It is communication beyond words – received through meaning, emotions, and images – which is then “translated” into words and written down. There is no attunement performed – all Tesla Metamorphosis students manage to create this communication. The purple colour in their auras – shown in PIP camera imaging – indicates that Tesla Waves elevated their consciousness to the level of the Crown Chakra, empowering them to transcend space and time, to create this communication with their clients.

How is it performed?

On 3 occasions the practitioner will sit with a pen and paper, and begin a ‘conversation’ with the client – writing down everything that comes through – however strange sounding, or obscure. The trick is to not judge anything. Connection is made via a photograph of the client, or, simply the clients’ ‘name’ written on a piece of paper.

The practitioner may receive messages in the form of physical sensations, i.e. they may ‘feel’ what the client is feeling; or, they may receive ‘mental pictures’ that relate to what the client is trying to communicate. During the course of the session the practitioner will go directly to Source (clients Integrative Mind/Higher Self) to ask if there are any ‘messages’ the client needs to hear, in relation to their healing.

Once the 3 sessions are complete, the dialogue is typed into a document and e-mailed to the client, who is encouraged to find time to read over it, and contemplate its contents. Healing’s have been known to occur simply by the client acknowledging issues they had long buried deep within themselves. The process can take up to 2 weeks.

Key ingredients for healing with Tesla Metamorphosis:

PLAY – This centers you in your heart, and opens you to possibility; keeps you in an open state of receptivity/expectancy
NON-JUDGMENT – prevents one from imprinting negative thoughts onto the field of possibility
INTENTION – holding the intention – in your heart and mind – that you are willing to experience healing from a Higher Source

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*Please note: Explanations on this site are reflections of my own intuitive understanding of Tesla Metamorphosis®, and should not be regarded as fact, or truth. For more information, please refer to www.teslametamorphosis.com