‘1 Question’ Soul Communication


1_QuestionSoul Communication is about connecting a person to their unconscious; subconscious; and integrative mind (Higher Self), to reveal aspects of self which may be preventing them from moving forward in their life. These may be long held beliefs and memories, buried deep within the psyche. Soul Communication is not a ‘psychic reading’ – rather, it is a silent conversation between the client and practitioner, with the aim of helping the client to find the answers within them self.

While a 1 Question S.C. may focus on a specific matter, a person’s Higher Self – having deeper knowing and understanding – may present an answer which seems unrelated to the question. Only our Higher Self knows what we need – and, we need to trust that we will receive the answers we need to hear.

1 Question Soul Communication is an abridged version of a full-length Soul Communication session.


I will connect with you via a photo – or, simply your name written on a piece of paper. I ‘tune in’ to your energy/consciousness using my body (this is called ‘clairsentience’), where I can ‘feel’ what is going on for you.

The communication begins with a simple introduction like “Hello… how are you?” I will write down everything that comes through…however strange sounding or obscure*. The trick is to judge nothing. I may receive messages in the form of physical or emotional sensations – I might ‘feel’ what you are feeling; or, I might receive mental ‘pictures’ that relate to what your soul is trying to communicate. During the course of the session I will go directly to Source (your Higher Self) to ask if there are any messages you need to hear, in relation to your question. This is a silent dialogue, and – as with Distant Healing – physical distance is of no concern. Communication in the spiritual realm is instantaneous, and does not rely on the conventions of physical time and space.

Once the session is complete, I will type the dialogue into a document file and e-mail it to you. You are encouraged to find some quiet time to read over it, and contemplate its contents. Healings have been known to occur simply by a client acknowledging issues they had buried deep within themselves.

*Please read Disclaimer prior to making your booking.


Tracy makes no claims to be able to accurately contact a clients’ unconscious; subconscious; integrative mind, or, Higher self for the purpose of revealing insight into their condition/situation. Soul Communication is not a diagnostic tool for predicting or revealing illness. It is for entertainment purposes only – and may, or may not be accurate in revealing truths related to the client.



I would like to thank you for doing soul communication for myself and for my son. The communication you did for me was truly eye opening and the unconscious information you brought forward has helped me to confront the issues holding me back. The communication for my son was extraordinary in that I knew it was exactly him you were talking to. We have been able to have important conversations as I result of this. I am truly grateful.